Getting Started Tutorial

Getting Started Tutorial

Following tutorials provide an overview of how to get started with Viso Suite. The easiest and fastest way to getting started is to import an application provided by viso (free) from the Marketplace and learn from how it is built. Let's take the People Counting application as an example. View the whole video tutorial playlist here.

1. Download Application from Marketplace

1.1 Navigate to the Marketplace page from your workspace
1.2 Select People Counting application in the Marketplace
1.3 Click Sign in to install to download the application to your workspace
1.4 Confirm your log-in and select the workspace where you want to install the application
1.5 Click confirm for each module and the application template

Please note that all required modules of this application will be installed automatically in the background. The installation process can take 5-10 minutes. After the installation is completed, you will find the modules in your module library and the application in the templates section of your workspace. For detailed instructions, please visit this page.

2. Create Application from Marketplace Template

2.1 Navigate to Library > Applications in your Workspace.
2.2 Click the menu icon ( ⠇), and then select Manage Templates from the menu.
2.3 Find the installed application as a template, click Create to use this template.
2.4 A new application is created to your workspace that can be found in Library > Applications

The original template can be re-used anytime if needed. For detailed instructions, please visit this page.

3. Add a Device

3.1 Navigate to Deployment > Devices and select Device Image List in the right corner
3.2 Select Add Device Type (you will find all available options in the device type list)
3.3 Select the device type and create an image file  (can take up to 15 minutes)
3.4 The device image will appear in your device image list and can be downloaded from there
3.5 Flash the image to your edge device

Create a bootable USB drive with the downloaded image file. You can use a tool like Etcher. Then install the OS to the device by booting from the USB drive.  The device will shut down after couple of seconds, remove the boot medium and restart the device. Establish internet connection and the device will automatically appear in your workspace. For more details, please visit this page.

Need another device? We constantly add more device types. With Viso, it's easy to port your AI applications to a different system. You can simply use another device type and change it later. If you need a device type urgently, please contact us.

4. Create a Profile

4.1 Click on Deployment > Profiles  and create a profile
4.2 Add a profile name, description and tags, confirm with Save
4.3 Select the proper application for the Profile
4.4 Select the proper version of the application and confirm
4.5 For more details, please visit this page.

5. Assign Profile to Device

5.1 Click on Deployment > Profiles
5.2 Select the Profile you would like to deploy to devices
5.3 Click the menu ( ⠇) and select Assign Profile to Device(s)
5.4 Select one or more devices, then confirm.

The deployment process might take several minutes until your device is ready. This depends on your internet speed and the size of the models you selected in your application. You can check the device status during the deployment process. If your device says profile running, then the application starts executing. For more information, please visit this page.

For the people counting application you need to add a Region of Interest in the Local Configuration section of your device to start your application.

6. Check Results

6.1 Navigate to dashboard, select the people counting dashboard
6.2 Check the logs on the edge device using Device Terminal
6.3 Check the local preview stream of your application

To see the video output, you have to be in the same network with the edge device and open the following address format in your browser:  IP_edge_device:1880/test (/test can be determined in the video preview node settings)

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