Module Installation Guide

Module Installation Guide

Modules that provide extensions to the Viso Builder can be installed to your workspace. In the Viso Builder, modules can be used to build AI vision applications. Modules can be installed directly from the Viso Marketplace.

Installing a module from the Viso Marketplace

  1. Navigate to the Module page on the Viso Marketplace
  2. Click on the blue "Sign in to install" button to start.
  3. Confirm your log-in and select the workspace where you want to install the module.
    You can either create a new workspace or select an existing workspace where you have the "owner" user role assigned.
  4. Click "confirm" to install the module to the workspace.
  5. You are notified after the installation has been finished.

Use an installed module

After the module has been installed, you find it in your library. Also, you find the nodes provided by the module in the Viso Builder to edit applications.
  1. Navigate to Library Modules in your Workspace.
  2. Find the installed module in the list of modules.

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