Overview Video Input Tools Module

Overview Video Input Tools Module

The video input tools module includes nodes to grab the video frames and perform couple of pre-processing tasks on them. In particular, the video input tools include following nodes:
  1. Video Feed: The video feed node reads the input stream from the camera/video file and passes the results to the next node.
  2. Region of Interest (ROI): The region of interest node allows to filter a portion of an image that you want to perform some other operation on.
  3. Fisheye: The fisheye node allows you to perform pre-processing on fisheye camera input streams such as warp / dewarp.
  4. Buffer: The buffer node is used to accumulate the historical result from a prior node.
If you add the video input tools module to your workspace library, all nodes which are included in this module will be available for use in your Viso Builder.
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